Sea Kayaking Class

Robert Forto

As part of my Outdoor Leadership degree program at UAA we are required to take six, one credit outdoor classes during our program. This spring I enrolled in the Beginning Sea Kayaking class. All the outdoor classes are set up in the same way; a couple sessions in the classroom to go over trip planning, introduction to gear, and signing …

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Midlife in College: One Year Down, Part 2

Mid life in college part 2

As I headed into my second semester at UAA after winter break I felt pretty good about myself and my progress. I had finished my first term with two As and three Bs and even managed to squeezed in a quick trip to Hawaii with Michele in October and not miss but one class session. The spring semester began the …

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Midlife in College: One Year Down

midlife in college

About this time last year I was looking into questions I had for my daughter, Nicole, who was going to be a senior the next school year and thinking about going off to college at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau, Alaska. While looking at the website, talking to registration counselors and admissions qualifications, I thought to myself, I …

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Gratitude Journal: Family

Robert Forto Family

More than anything in the world I am most grateful for my family. They have shown me everything I have needed to see, taught me everything I have needed to learn, and provided for me everything I have ever needed. My immediate family of my wife and three kids have lived together, laughed together and cried together. My family that …

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Gratitude Journal: Our Book

Robert Forto Our Book

I am grateful for the opportunity to write this little book and to share it with people all over the world. I am grateful for my friends at Arctic House Publishing for believing in our story and us. I am grateful for the learning process it took to write this little book. Over a year of work and constant re-writes, …

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Gratitude Journal: Business

Robert Forto Business

I am grateful for my business. This business has taken my family and I on some remarkable journeys over the last twenty years or so. I have worked with some truly awesome clients and have travelled all over the country to work with clients and their dogs. Some of my greatest gifts from clients are the kind words of a …

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Gratitude Journal: School

Robert Forto School

I am grateful for the opportunity to return to school for another degree after almost a 20 year absence. While it is not something I need for a career or a better financial position, it allows me to expand my mind and explore new ideas.

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Gratitude Journal: Sponsors

Robert Forto Sponsors

I am grateful to all of our sponsors, big and small, for their in-kind donations, financial support and vision to see our dream and wanting to be a part of it. While we not be professional mushers and winning the big races, we share our story of a little family mushing kennel that tries to share their story to inspire …

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Gratitude Journal: Taxes

Robert Forto Taxes

While most people dread tax day, I am grateful to have the opportunity to run a successful business and know what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur for the past twenty-five years. I have never had to work for anyone else. What is not great about that!

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Gratitude Journal: Travel

Robert Forto Travel

I am grateful for the opportunity to travel. Each October we go to Hawaii before we get ready for a long winter on the sled dog trails. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to make the reservations for this trip just a couple days ago for the upcoming October.

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