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Why Not Tri 2015

Why Not Tri 2015 bib

As a musher I train all winter to run my dogs in the cold. I love it. I love the feeling of being outside at twenty below with just me and my dog team and the freezing air on my face. It makes me feel alive! For the past two summers I have participated in the Why Not Tri event ... Read More »

East Coast Road Trip: Roller Coaster Tour Day 2

Robert Forto

After we finished our fun filled day at Busch Gardens we had to drive about an hour north towards Kings Dominion, the next stop on our roller coaster tour. When I lived in Virginia, we used to go to Kings Dominion all the time. It was only about an hour south of our place in Lake Ridge and it was ... Read More »

East Coast Road Trip: Roller Coaster Tour Day 1

Robert Forto

The night at the flea bag hotel was awful. I don’t usually leave bad reviews but I did this time. Apparently I was not the only one as I read one that said the place was infested with bed bugs. Yuck! One of the defining movies of my childhood was National Lampoon’s Vacation staring Chevy Chase. It was our family, ... Read More »

East Coast Road Trip: Family Ties

Robert Forto

For those of you keeping count, we are on day three of our trip and have been to two states and the Nations capital. Our journey today will take us into the south and it will be one of the highlights so far on our journey. We awoke refreshed from our night in Richmond and grubbed at Waffle House. They ... Read More »

East Coast Road Trip: Monumental Moments

White House | Robert Forto

We awoke early and refreshed from our slumber at the Extended Stay Suites in Columbia and headed to the grocery store to buy a quick breakfast before heading down to the Nations Capital. We were the only ones in the store that was a hybrid between a Safeway and a Whole Foods. It was just before 7 AM and we ... Read More »

East Coast Road Trip: The Trip East

Little Hammers | Robert Forto

Way back in the late winter I decided to go on the Alaska Airlines app and see how much tickets would cost to fly and see my family who lives in North Carolina. It has been a long time and being separated by over 4,000 miles and flying to and from Alaska takes quite a bit of planning. I found ... Read More »

Sea Kayaking Class

Robert Forto

As part of my Outdoor Leadership degree program at UAA we are required to take six, one credit outdoor classes during our program. This spring I enrolled in the Beginning Sea Kayaking class. All the outdoor classes are set up in the same way; a couple sessions in the classroom to go over trip planning, introduction to gear, and signing ... Read More »

Midlife in College: One Year Down, Part 2

Mid life in college part 2

As I headed into my second semester at UAA after winter break I felt pretty good about myself and my progress. I had finished my first term with two As and three Bs and even managed to squeezed in a quick trip to Hawaii with Michele in October and not miss but one class session. The spring semester began the ... Read More »

Midlife in College: One Year Down

midlife in college

About this time last year I was looking into questions I had for my daughter, Nicole, who was going to be a senior the next school year and thinking about going off to college at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau, Alaska. While looking at the website, talking to registration counselors and admissions qualifications, I thought to myself, I ... Read More »