Weeks 191 and 192 (BMAL 888)

Doctorate of Strategic Leadership program Robert Forto

Weeks 191 and 192

It is the start of week 3 of the spring term of 2024 and I am happy to announce after three tries I passed Task 8. 

Almost half way done. 

I was ready to rock n roll and turn in Task 8 on the first day of class which I did. 

Six days later, like always, I got my reply back from my chair saying I missed a section and I needed more citations. 

I did that and six days later again, I missed something else. This is how it goes…

Well, finally after three times and I am ready to move onto Task 9 which includes sections on sampling. I have no idea what an ‘homogeneous organization’ is but I better figure it out. 

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