Weeks 196 to 201 (BMAL 888)

Doctorate of Strategic Leadership program Robert Forto

Weeks 196 to 201

As I sit here, I just finished up the first round of edits on Task 10. 

The process is going so slow. I did the math today and realized that I have worked approximately 600 hours on this project. That breaks down to fifteen 40 hour weeks in a year and a half when I started the capstone phase. That is amazing. I still have a long way to go but at least I am gradually chipping away at it. 

I remember when I was woefully optimistic that this whole degree was only going to take 186 weeks. If you are a rabid reader you will know that a lot of my early posts were labeled Week 1 of 186 and so on. 

Well, we are 25 weeks, or a half of a year, past that deadline. 

In other news…

I found out this week that the firm that I had been banking on most of the time in this project is not going to work. 

We are required to interview 15 leaders and a focus group of 2-5 people for triangulation. That firm only had five people. Total! 

I will now be searching for a new company and I am exploring options including joining the local Chamber of Commerce’s at more that $700 just to get access to the events and the members. I do not know what else to do. 

My wife and I are going on a cruise in less than two weeks. My plan is to have Tasks 11 and 12 done and waiting for IRB approval while I am gone so that I can start 889 in the summer. 

Even if that does not happen I will be hopefully doing data collection sometime in June and finishing it in the fall. 

This has been a long time working on this and everyday I just wonder if all of it is worth it for a piece of paper to hang on the wall. 

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