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Here are some nice things people have said about my work over the years…

Hi Robert and Michelle,
Thank you both for sharing your platform with us. We appreciate you for your heartfelt interview, and the depth of your questions. Thanks for all that you are doing to help save our precious animals.
Much Gratitude,
Mark and Marina


One of THE BEST experiences to date!! Thank you Robert and Michele for having me on #DogWorksRadio!!!

K. Elliott

Doodie Pack


“My experience as a guest on Robert’s radio show was 100% fun and informative. I highly recommend his show as being very professional, highest quality and helpful to his listening audience.” January 31, 2012

Sue BulandaOwner, Bulanda Enterprises


Hi Michele and Robert,

I just want to say thank you for having me on today.  You both were very kind ! It’s a really great show.   I hope your listeners found it helpful and enjoyable.  I’m more of a story teller than informational so this was different for me.  I would love to be on again if you find a fit.   I wish you all the luck and success with the team up there and I will send you warm weather updates.  I’ve included a picture of my little Boston terrier who is the joy of my life.  She’s no sled dog but she does challenge me every day with training!  Those terriers!  Again, thank you for your time.

Take care,

Christine Stanton

District Manager-Colorado

Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet



(Dog Works Radio Interview 9/25/11)

Dear Robert and Michele:
Thank you so very much for everything. I enjoyed my time with you two very
much. My friend downloaded the show for me. It came through loud and clear!
Thanks so much for taking the time to do that for me. Let me know if you
receive any feed back from the show. If you do I hope it is all good!
God Bless the two of you,

The Horses Friend


RE: Dog Works Radio Interview (August 28, 2011)

Really enjoyed your show.It’s amazing how like minds can come up with similar scenarios like comparing breaking dog habbits to smoking,and no the dog doesn’t pay the mortgage,and like the Xgames and stunt shows like the Dog Whisperer do announce do not try this at home,LOL! I have been using those scenarios for years too! It was great meeting u both.It doesn’t get any better than partnering with your partner in the same field.A husband and wife Training Team is awesome.Look me up if you ever visit Ontario.



Tom Relic

Academy for Dogs Int’l


RE: Dog Works Radio Interview (August 7, 2011)

Hi Robert,

Really enjoyed the show, thanks for having me on. Thank you also for your great interview technique–we covered a lot of valuable points.

Best wishes,

Martin (Hubbard)

Blanket ID


RE: Dog Works Radio Interview

Michele and Robert,

Thanks for the great interview and support of On Toby’s Terms

Charmaine Hammond



RE: Dog Works Radio Interview 6/26/11

Thank you so much for that opportunity! and my dogs hardly barked in the background 😉

Debbie Jacobs

Fearful Dogs


Denver Dog Works Training Center was very educational.  I never knew there was so much to learn about dogs.

Dr. Robert Forto and Michelle Forto were knowledgeable and left me with a great deal of information. I also found out how important it is to work with the owner as well as their dog.  I learned about different breeds and how each breed has its own demeanor and personality.

I have been at Denver Dog Works Training Center for over two years and it has been challenging but yet rewarding. If you have patience and compassion for animals I recommend Denver Dog Works Training Center.

Paula Hart



It was a great show!  I appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule. A lot of good information…

Thanks again.  We’ll be in touch.

Dave Scott

Host, The Dave Scott Show


Thank you very much Robert for the link and again for hosting the interview. We have really appreciated you giving us the time to talk about the TV series.

Regards, David


Thanks for having Joanne and I on your show. You guys were so great! There’s one thing I’d like to add on a more positive note. I publish a business honor roll: www.servicepoodle.com/business-honor-roll. Everybody always talks about problems and challenges going into businesses with a psychiatric service dog. Nobody celebrates the MANY business that handle us appropriately or even welcome us enthusiastically. If you need some good news, please take a look. Thanks again, your show is great!

Joanne S.


Fan Man Loves everything you guys do!!!!

Dog Works Is Awesome, Keep up the great Works!!! I’m a Super Fan from Fairbanks Ak, And Love everything about the Mushing world. I am truly blessed to live amongst so many top notch Dog Teams and Mushers. And they Represent us so well. TY for All That You Do! Oh yeah hit me up if you need a Super Fan Guest. Peace

JP Larson

Fairbanks, AK


A Million Thanks!

That was a blast! Like a rollercoaster… I want to get back on and do it again.

Thank you both for doing “great radio.” I can’t tell you how refreshing that is…

Steve C.

Nashville, TN


Your radio show rocks! We listened to it during dinner tonight and loved hearing the wise thoughts and interesting ideas presented. Well done!

Patti C.


To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked with Robert Forto for over a year and a half with my dog.  First and foremost, Robert Forto is wonderful with dogs. I am an equestrian and have years of experience training horses and am very particular in my choice of who handles my dogs. I appreciate that he is extremely patient and kind while working with my dog.  My dog can be challenging from the perspective of focus and never has Robert Forto gotten off track, he remains positive and directed during the sessions. His training program has clear goals, and he is very honest about what can be accomplished in a timely manner.

In addition to his training skills Robert Forto is very professional. He is prompt with his appointments and is accommodating with scheduling.

In my opinion, Robert Forto and Denver Dog Works are a great choice for your training needs.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss anything in more detail.

Alysa L.


I just want to thank you for all of your instructuction and support. I am gaining some really great clientel out here on the prairie. I have a terrific working relationship with the local vet and her staff. I am about to introduce myself to the vets in surrounding towns. I am working on having the local paper let me put a “doggy feature” in their paper. They are hard core and stuborn though so we will see.

I have been completely enjoying being a dog training instructor and helping people with Canine Behavior. I have puppy group classes, adult privates, an in home client and I am preparing for 2 sets of level 2 obedience classes in January. I am also gearing up to make an attempt at APDT’s test next spring.

Just wanted to share the sucess of a former student.

Talk to you soon.



Dear Robert Forto and Michelle Forto,

I just want to put into words how much I really appreciate all that I have learned through you and Denver Dog Works and your canine career course that I graduated from.  Not only did you help me train my dog to the best of her ability you raised the bar of my ability to train dogs well and to teach others to do the same.  You gave me the tools to learn from you as well as on my own to research the many techniques available today to develop my own style. Thank you for your continued patience and wealth of information when ever I have needed it. You are a great resource for me as well.   Thank you for helping me to develop my business sense and my ability to train my own dogs as well as the dogs of many others.




I listen to your radio show every week and I visit your blog and website often, what an inspiration. Thanks for all you do.

George B.


Robert Forto is second to none when it comes to dog training. He has a special gift that I recognized the first time I saw him work with my dog. Having grown up with a professional dog handler as a mother, it’s easy for me to spot someone who knows their stuff.  Doc knows his stuff.  He’s committed to being at his best every day and continues his education to continually provide his clients with the best, most cutting edge service possible. You’ll be glad you worked with him.

Traci B.

Boulder, CO

I, Kara and Denali, are enthuastically referring both Robert Forto and Mrs. Michele Forto for their excellent training work with Denali and I, their extensive background and knowledge of dogs, and that they are genuinely there to help you every step of the way.


Kara and Denali


To whom this may concern,

I am one of the volunteers with the Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue. Robert has helped us with several dogs that have had behavioral problems in our organization with a variety of issues.  He has done a great job and come up with a training plan to help the people help the dogs. Our recent fearful dog has made some great improvements after Robert developed a training plan for the foster home to work with. He has been flexible with our fosters schedules and home visits really help to see the dog in their normal environment. We would recommend him to anyone looking for some help with their dog.




Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue



To whom it may concern:

We have been working with Robert for about two months now, and our other dog has been going to group classes with his wife, Michelle, since November.  Both dogs have improved a lot since then, and seem to be progressing.  While our one dog whom were working with Robert on still needs a lot of work, he is a lot better than he used to be. Dianna Q.


May 24, 2010

To Whom it May Concern:

I have known Robert and Michele Forto of Denver Dog Works for several months.  In February 2010 my husband and I went to Kansas to pick up the newest addition to our family Lucy the bulldog.  Lucy was raised on a farm and was used for breeding purposes and therefore lacked social skills.  I contacted Robert and Michele after we had Lucy for 6 weeks and she was still scared of noises in the house and would hide in my bedroom.  I did not know what to do to help her and I felt bad that she was so scared.  I met with Michele at their offices and scheduled a meeting for Robert to visit our home.  I have been working with Robert for approximately 6 weeks.  Robert came to our home and met Lucy and everyone in my large family.  He observed her behavior and walked us through scenarios and training techniques to use with Lucy.  Robert returned 2 weeks later for our follow up session and we discussed Lucy’s behavior and changes and then Robert walked us through the next training techniques to work with Lucy on.  Although she cannot do all of the commands that we have been given to work with, she is doing very well and does understand all but one (1) of the commands we have been working with her on.  We have been working with Lucy and using the techniques that Robert has provided us with and although she cannot do everything we have been working on she is learning and she is not scared as she was.  She is doing better everyday.  Lucy and I attended one of Michele’s training courses that are held every Saturday afternoon.  Even though Lucy did not listen and spent most of her time in time out watching and observing the other dogs and their owners, she did learn from watching and after we were home I was able to use the tools and commands Michele provided during her training class with Lucy and within hours, Lucy was able to follow the following commands “sit” and down” which she had never been taught before.  Robert emails regularly to see how Lucy is progressing and see if we have any concerns.  We are scheduled to meet with Robert again in 2 weeks.  My  experience with Robert, Michele and their company Denver Dog Works has been very positive and professional.  Eventually we will breed Lucy and the tips and training that they have provided us with will be crucial for her puppies.  We plan on utilizing these same methods to train and socialize them.   My family and I highly recommend Denver Dog Works to other friends and associates who are concerned with their dogs’ behavior and or requires training assistance for their puppies or dogs.   I feel very confident in saying that Denver Dog Works is very capable of handling any dog and working with any family to determine the owner’s and the dog’s needs and work with both for a successful outcome.  I was very impressed with Michele’s Saturday class and her calmness and professionalism with the owners and their dogs.


Christine B.


“Robert Forto is an excellent trainer of dogs and people – his clients know that. But what is less known is the dynamic speaker. Every time I think about Robert the public speaker I remember the first time I met him at Your Brand Radio. Espressole Caffe was a packed house when he approached the microphone with confidence. The moment he spoke changed the culture in the room. To the person, he had a captivated audience just from the professional and deliberate tone in his voice. I have seen nothing like it! Keep Robert in mind to speak at your function about dogs, training, running business or producing valuable content like radio shows!” October 12, 2009

David Sandusky , Founder | Speaker , Your Brand, LLC. – PERSONAL BOARD OF ADVISORS and Strategic Career Plan


“I have been to Denver Dog Works for group dog classes, Robert and his staff had the knowledge on how to help me with my dog that had fear aggression issues, after the group classes she became more comfortable being in social situations with humans and other dogs. I also brought my show dog to classes to keep him up on his social skills. The classes are fun and the staff truly love the dogs that attend. I also listen to the Dog Doctor Radio Show on Saturday mornings and they always have interesting guests and topics on dogs. Robert and his staff are top notch and I recommend them to any one that has a puppy or dog that they need to train. Angie Scott October 20, 2009


“He is a very professional dog trainer, probably the best in the Denver area. His knowledge is founded on experience in the field since he was a very young man.” April 2, 2009

Gail Kirkegaard , Owner , www.gailkirkegaard.biz


“Robert Forto  has an innate ability to connect with both clients and their dog’s. He is professional and candid at the same time. Whatever problem you may be having with you dog he can fix. Robert Forto also is a talented and poignant writer. He can design and develop a website for you and teach you how to promote your business in the most cunning and innovative ways. If you are in the market for a canine behaviorist or if you are looking to hire Robert Forto to do a seminar you won’t be dissatisfied.” April 1, 2009

Snowcrest Kennels , Kennel Manager , Trafalgar K-9, Inc.


“Robert Forto was the first person to jump at the chance to interview me about my book “Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss” on his Dog Works Radio Show. His open-hearted enthusiasm is infectious, his follow-through on promised actions is impressive, and the support he gives colleagues’ endeavors is commendable. I am thrilled to have him as an associate into the future. He may have a book in the offing, and I hope to be able to lend my support (as an editor) to that project in the near future. Keep an eye on this guy. He’s a mover and shaker, to be sure!” October 21, 2009 Sid Korpi


“Robert has an incredible ability to work with dogs. His techniques in teaching people how to work with their pets is unsurpassed. In addition both he and his family are involved in the community. I would not hesitate to recommend him for anyone who is dealing with pet issues” May 5, 2009

Ken Preuss , Owner , E Travel Unlimited,LLC


“I am the producer for Robert’s Dog Works Radio Show. In listening to his program each week it becomes clear that he truly is an expert in canine behavior. What really drives it home is the culture at his shop, The Denver Dog Works. It always starts at the top. When you see the care, compassion, and professionalism displayed for animals – including his 11-yr old daughter able to handle Rottweilers twice her size, you’ll understand this is the place to train your dog.” April 30, 2009

Mark Crowley , Host/Executive Producer , The Mark Crowley Show and Colorado Issues


Denver Dog Works is by far one of the best training groups out there. Robert and Michelle and the staff are truly dedicated to working with the owner and dog no matter how big the odds are. I cannot express my gratitude enough !

John Christopher Mattern


They are probably the most knowledgeable dog trainers on the circuit! I highly recommend them. Joan Rosvall (from a former client)


I highly recommend Robert and his staff at Denver Dog Works to fill all your needs for your four legged friends. He and his staff will give you personalized professional service to that special member of your family. February 8, 2010

Douglas (Ambassador at Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce)