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Robert Forto is a canine behaviorist, musher, radio show host and outdoor leadership coach. His unique experience…


Dreamchaser Leadership

Mental Performance Training

Running Down a Dream: Preparing for Running the Last Great Race

Leadership through Empowerment

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Denver, CO and Anchorage, AK

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In addition to the speaking fee all transportation and lodging will be paid for by the event.  Fees depend on the amount of time, the distance of travel and schedule. If you would like to speak to us about an event please email us anytime.

“Robert Forto is an excellent trainer of dogs and people – his clients know that. But what is less known is the dynamic speaker. Every time I think about Robert the public speaker I remember the first time I met him at Your Brand Radio. Espressole Caffe was a packed house when he approached the microphone with confidence. The moment he spoke changed the culture in the room. To the person, he had a captivated audience just from the professional and deliberate tone in his voice. I have seen nothing like it! Keep Robert in mind to speak at your function about dogs, training, running business or producing valuable content like radio shows!”

 ~David Sandusky, Founder | Speaker, Your Brand, LLC. – PERSONAL BOARD OF ADVISORS and Strategic Career Plan 

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Keynote 1: Dreamchaser Leadership

Robert is a professional musher and entrepreneur of several businesses. In this keynote he will reinforce the importance of team work in the workplace, team building, problem solving and more.

The analogy of sled dog racing allows each audience member to personally relate to his experience and visualize their “team” which might include their boss, the office staff, the customer and the client, and numerous other individuals assisting them with surviving their storm making for an entertaining, enlightening and informative seminar.

Dreamchaser Leadership is the title of Robert’s first book. It is a phrase that he coined several years ago when he first started thinking about running the Iditarod.


Keynote 2: The Iditarod, Living in the North and Chasing Your Dreams

Robert would love to share stories with todays kids about living in the North, his dogs and dog sledding adventures and the importance of three basic principles: lead, honor and never forget your dreams.

Robert often speaks to elementary-high school students in this two hour long presentation.


Keynote 3: Mushin’ Down a Dream

Robert is training for his first Iditarod run in 2017. This 1,149 mile race from Anchorage to Nome Alaska takes more than two weeks of the most audacious and unforgiving terrain known to man. Robert is seeking corporate and individual sponsors for this race and his training. In this presentation Robert will talk about his dog team, his racing schedule and what benefits are in line for becoming a sponsor.


Seminar 1: Growl Class: Canine Aggression and Violent Dogs

Robert Forto is a canine behaviorist and is routinely called upon by plaintiff and defense counsel in court proceedings regarding dangerous dogs. In this seminar the dog owner, HOA, city councils, attorney’s, and others will learn about canine aggression, canine body language, bite scales, pack structure and more.