Weeks 177 to 182 (BMAL 888)

Doctorate of Strategic Leadership program Robert Forto

Weeks 177 to 182

129 days…

129 days is a a very long time in the grand scheme of things as it relates to a small, family business. 

In that time I have:

  • Bought a business 
  • Closed a business
  • Sold a business 
  • Bought a new vehicle 
  • A sled dog has passed away
  • Welcomed a new sled dog to the team
  • Filed a trademark
  • Spoke at a large podcast conference 
  • Visited national parks on a 5000 mile road trip
  • Attended a huge music festival 


It has been 129 days since I last submitted a task for this program. 

It has been a roller coaster. For my rabid readers, you will remember that I lost my draft of the literature review in mid-July and I had to start over. 

I worked on the re-write every single day. It consumed me. Well, at least in the hours that I was not doing ALL of the things above. 

I read every single word of more than 200 scholarly papers and I can say I am about as well versed in my research topic as I can be at this point. 

I feel good at where I am at in the project and just so you know, I submitted Task 7 with Literature Review today. 

Now I wait for my chair to review and advise. 

I know I will have to re-take 888 and I am okay with that. 

I just want this thing done. 

Late, I know…

I know it has been more than a month since I have posted an update to this blog and I want to thank all of those that have reached out to me on messages, and the Facebook Groups and pages and I am so happy that this blog has been an inspiration to so many. 

Keep up the good work. You can do it. I promise! 

Let’s Connect…

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