Bucket List

Michele and I watch YouTube, often to learn something new, a technique to try in our growing media empire, but we watch things to be inspired. We like one channel hosted by Maurice, and he got me thinking of creating a Bucket List.

Fifty is as good as any to take stock of what you have accomplished and figure out what more you would like to do with your time now that you are older and maybe a little wiser. Hence, a bucket list consists of things we want to do before we die.

Writing this just a couple of months before I turn 53 is as good a time as any to write up a list and start checking things off (I have even left a few spaces on my list for new things to be added!).

What is on your List? Let me know in the comments. 

List Item


Go on a road trip and visit at least 10 National Parks


Dramatically change my hairstyle or look.


Learn a new language.


Finish my doctorate degree.


Get a new tattoo.


Travel to an exotic destination.


Build something entirely myself.


Learn about my family history.


Scuba dive in a coral reef.


Buy the car I’ve always wanted — or at least test drive it.


Find an old-school friend.


Become something of an expert in something I’ve always found interesting.


Climb a mountain.


Make a brand new friend without your wife or significant other.


Pull an all-nighter.


Splurge on something extravagant.


Go ziplining.


Join a flash mob.


Take a job that feels a bit outside my comfort zone.

 ✓ December 4, 2023

Have a meal at one of the world’s top restaurants.


Conquer one of your biggest fears.


Participate in one of the world’s most well-known festivals: Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest, Running of the Bulls, and the like.


Tell someone what I REALLY think of them.


Fly first class.


Become a mentor.


Go skydiving, again.


Master public speaking.


Repair something all by yourself.


Have an honest-to-goodness adventure.


Go on a trip by myself.


Get really good at a bar game.


Read that classic I’ve faked having read for years.


Go camping on a beach with a fire.


Teach someone how to do something I’m really good at doing.


Get a custom suit.


Gamble (but like our friend Kenny Rogers would say, know when to fold them).


Own something that makes me feel like a millionaire.


Travel for a concert.


Forgive someone for hurting me.



Cultivate a green thumb.


Participate in a movement I believe in.

Learn glass blowing 

Build a sand castle.


Make stained glass.


Write a book.


Learn a new language.

 Leave  legacy.