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Road Trippin': Doing the Funky Chicken

One of the quirkiest communities in the eastern Interior of Alaska is the village of Chicken. Located at about mile 66 of the Taylor Highway and is comprised of downtown Chicken, the Original Chicken Gold Camp/Chicken Creek Outpost and the Goldpanner. Chicken got its name in 1902 when it was incorporated officially. Rumor has it that the residents wanted to ... Read More »

Road Trippin’: Santa’s House

Yes kids, Santa does live at the North Pole and I have been there. North Pole, Alaska is just outside of Fairbanks–not at the top of the world like you may expect. It does get cold in this winter wonderland–sometimes 60 below and Santa’s house has beautiful displays in both the summer and winter. The theme of the city is ... Read More »

30 Days About Me. Day 14: Somewhere You Would Love to Travel


  For me the destination is not the highlight. It’s the journey. I have traveled a lot in my days. I have driven the highways and interstates across this great country criss-crossing dozens of times. I have been to every state except one, Hawaii and I am sure I will get there eventually. Heck, maybe for vacation next year. It ... Read More »

Road Trippin: East Bound and Down

I always find just a little irony in that in my 12th flight to and fro my home in Alaska that you always leave from Denver’s East Terminal when you head West. At least if you are flying on Alaska Air or Frontier. I don’t know why I think about stupid stuff like this, but I do. To me it’s like why do ... Read More »

The cattle train to the Great White North

Picture this: you are at 37000 feet on a red eye from Denver to Anchorage. Babies are cryin, lights are blaring and the stewardesses, flight attendants, or whatever they are called these days are passing out our “complimentary” .5 ounce (14g) of gourmet snack mix. The balding overweight, rayon shirt wearing, tourist is sitting diagonal from me sippin on an Alaskan Amber that he ... Read More »

Road Trippin: Jordans Bistro in Denver, Colorado

One of our favorite places to meet friends when in Denver is Jordan’s Bistro in the heart of the University of Denver campus. This Irish-style pub hits the mark with all of the favorites from authentic dishes such as boxty and shepherds pie to an adult mac and cheese that is die for. The decor reminds me of sitting at ... Read More »

Date Night: Denver Downtown Aquarium

Michele lovin’ the huge shark tank! I am trying to enjoy every minute that I can with my wife, Michele before I head back to Alaska for the summer while she and I decide what to do with moving her and my daughter Nicole up. Last night was date night for the two of us. Even though we have lived ... Read More »