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Holiday Pet Safety

My name is Robert Forto and I am the training director of Denver Dog Works and Alaska Dog Works. I am asked all the time about holiday do’s and don’ts from pet owners. While I always offer an article right around Christmas about training Christmas puppies I thought it would be wise to offer some tips to pet owners on holiday safety before the season’s …

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A Christmas Puppy for a Gift? Maybe Not

Christmas Puppy?

A Christmas Puppy for a Gift? Maybe Not Events of this Christmas will have a profound impact on the dog training industry in April. All those cute puppy-in-a-stocking photos prompt unsuspecting people to give dogs as gifts, inevitably resulting in a high rate of premium business for me and my colleagues. A Christmas Puppy? Maybe Not “Christmas puppies” often are …

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Niko: Let the fun begin!


Yesterday my husband Robert and I purchased a puppy for a client in our executive protection training program. Robert and I decided on a male German Shepherd with him consulting over videos in Alaska (I am in Colorado). After placing the pup–his name is Niko (pronounced Nee-co)–in his new home with our clients last night, training begins right away. Niko …

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Dog Quotes

“When a man’s best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem.” – Edward Abbey

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Dog Works Radio

Dog Works Radio Dog Works Radio is hosted by Robert and Michele Forto and is your source for canine training and working dog information on the web!

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New Rules for Service Animals and the ADA

New Rules for Service Animals and the ADA The Department of Justice is muddying the waters of the disabled and the use of service animals in the new definitions for what a service animal must be. In the past people have used animals of all types. Everything from a gerbil to a donkey for a wide range of disabilities including …

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Influential Dog Trainers and Their Contributions-Part 4

Influential Dog Trainers and their Contributions-Part 4 Over the past several weeks I have posted articles on those individuals that contributed to the dog training world in one way or another and shaped this industry into what it is today. While there are many different “styles” of dog training, much of the principles and techniques can be traced back to …

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Dominance Aggression

Dominance Aggression By Robert Forto, PhD Dogs do not see pack members as equals, instead, a hierarchy must be established to show which is of higher and lower rank to keep peace within the pack.  Any number of pack members living together, whether dog or human, must have an established hierarchy in the dog’s eyes, in order to get along.  …

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