Mushin' Down a Dream in the Wilds of Alaska

Influential People in the Development of Learning Theory Part 2

By Robert Forto Pavlov, Thorndike, and Watson Many attribute the beginning point of modern theories of behavior to Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936).  A Russian physiologist, and Nobel Prize winner, Pavlov studied digestion in dogs.  While conducting this research he observed his canine subjects salivating before the food was presented.  Pavlov reasoned that his dogs were displaying this behavior in response to …

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True Leadership

True Leadership Leadership is a buzzword in business. It is what we strive for in our communities and what we teach our children. Some leaders and politicians use devices that make them appear to be comfortable around all types of people. These leaders use methods to change their appearance and attitudes to fit the situation, placing on the seeming interest …

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The Truth About Dogs with Bite Histories

By Robert Forto It is always something that most dog owners have in the back of their minds – the horror of finding out, either first or secondhand, that your dog has bitten someone.  In some cases you know that it is a possibility, in other cases you are completely stunned that your dog could do something like this. While …

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Forget Me (NOT) Canine Dementia and CBS 4

Forget Me (Not) Canine Dementia and CBS4 Denver By Robert Forto Starting Friday (May 7, 2010) on the 10 PM newscast on the CBS affiliate (  in Denver, CO they are starting something new. They are airing a story, specifically a dog story about the little known, and very frightening illness: canine dementia and utilizing the power of social media …

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References Available Upon Request…?

References Available Upon Request….? By Robert Forto My name is Robert Forto and I am the training director for Denver Dog Works and The Ineka Project in Colorado. I specialize in canine aggression and I have been qualified as an expert in this field. I also fully understand that my training school and I are only as good as our reputation with our clients, …

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