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Dominance Aggression

By Robert Forto Dogs do not see pack members as equals, instead, a hierarchy must be established to show which is of higher and lower rank to keep peace within the pack.  Any number of pack members living together, whether dog or human, must have an established hierarchy in the dog’s eyes, in order to get along.  This hierarchy, although …

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The Gee-Haw Problem

The Gee—Haw Problem Some mushers expect a leader to turn instantly on command; others give the command some yards ahead of the turn so that the dog can absorb the situation. This explains why some mushers have trouble missing turns. A dog trained to turn instantly will jump straight into deep snow even if he sees a fork ahead. Serious …

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Dog Training and the Social Fabric of America

Dog Training and the Social Fabric of America By Robert Forto My name is Robert Forto and I am a canine behaviorist and the owner of Denver Dog Works in Colorado and Alaska Dog Works. I specialize in canine aggression and violent dogs and I will admit that people’s political leanings do influence how they care for and train their dogs. I am …

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