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New Rules for Service Animals and the ADA

New Rules for Service Animals and the ADA The Department of Justice is muddying the waters of the disabled and the use of service animals in the new definitions for what a service animal must be. In the past people have used animals of all types. Everything from a gerbil to a donkey for a wide range of disabilities including ... Read More »

Influential Dog Trainers and Their Contributions- Part 3

Pfaffenberger, Scott, Fuller, Reynolds Trainers for decades have understood that there is more to training canines than a set of procedures, or simple applications of principles, no matter how sound.  A trainer must be patient, and an astute observer of the canine’s body language.  The best trainers all have one thing in common, they know how to read the dog. ... Read More »

Overview on Aggression Seminar held at Denver Dog Works

Overview Aggression Seminar held at Denver Dog Works This past weekend Dr. Robert Forto, PhD, canine behaviorist, aggression expert held an aggression seminar.  The students in the class quickly learned that human ideals and labeling put dogs into categories that are not necessarily correct once the situation and the behaviors are observed. For instance, many dogs are labeled as having ... Read More »

Segment Topics

Media: Are you looking for a segment for your publication, newscast, radio show or interview? Canine behaviorist, Robert Forto has over 20 years working with dogs. Please contact him directly for more information. Popular segments by Robert Forto, canine behaviorist Move Over Rover: Babies and the Family Dog Why breed legislation is stupid Why Christmas Puppies are a bad idea ... Read More »

Expert Witness For Canine Aggression Cases

Expert Witness for Canine Aggression Cases By Robert Forto, PhD Attorneys may be uncertain about the benefits of retaining an expert in animal behavior in dog bites cases, or how such an expert can help. This is understandable: In Colorado, and in many other states, the law specifies strict liability for injuries caused by a dog bite. Thus, when only damages ... Read More »

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