Iditarod 40: The Trail. Koyuk to Elim

Iditarod 40: The Trail. Koyuk to Elim    48 Miles

When leaving Koyuk for Elim, the trail follows the coast, almost doubling back on itself. It runs southeast to Bald Head and Castle Rock where it turns westerly, following the coast to Moses Point. Moses Point is a spit that, with the coastline, forms Kwiniuk Inlet. The trail parallels the spit for five to six miles where it joins the mainland. It continues on the sea ice along the coast, passing the abandoned F.A.A. Station. From there to Elim two routes may be used. One continues along the ice to Elim; the other takes the road along the coast to Elim, which is six to eight miles away.

Elim (EE-lim) — (ELM) Lat 64.37 Long 162.15 — Population 332 — The checkpoint (at least at the time this went to press) is at the fire hall (check at the store for directions). From here the trail heads over the hills of the Kwiktalik Mountains inland a little ways to the next checkpoint on Golovin Bay. The checkpoint is at the fire hall. Ask at the village store.