Horror Lover Challenge

  1. Scariest Kid Character in a Horror Movie 
  2. Best Sex Scene Murder
  3. Creepiest Dead Body
  4. A Horror Musical You Enjoy
  5. Favorite 2000s Horror
  6. Funniest Horror Movie Character
  7. Favorite Woman in the World of Horror
  8. A Horror You Would Be In
  9. Dummest Character in Horror
  10. Smartest Protagonist Horror Movie Character

  1. Favorite 1990s Horror
  2. Favorite Alien-Related Horror Movie
  3. Best Horror Series
  4. A Serial Killer You Hate
  5. Most Ditzy Character
  6. Favorite Horror Movie from the Past Year
  7. Best Impalement
  8. Killer Who Has the Best Weapon
  9. A Horror-Love Story
  10. Favorite 1980s Horror
  11. Best Throat Slicing
  12. Favorite Sequel to a Horror
  13. Best Horror Movie in the Woods
  14. An Actor You Enjoy to Watch
  15. Most Attractive Horror Killer
  16. Best Family in Horror
  17. Worst Recent Horror Movie You have Seen
  18. Favorite 1970s Horror
  19. Favorite Horror Movie Theme Song
  20. Best Version of Jason Voorhees
  21. A Horror You Cant Wait To See
  22. Best Beheading
  23. Most Righteous Killer (for Good)
  24. Favorite B-Movie Horror
  25. Horror Movie with an Ending You Didn’t Expect to Happen

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