Best Impalement | Horror Lovers Challenge

I am participating in a 30-day challenge. This time it is all about horror! If you know anything about us here at the Fort, you would know that we are hardcore horror fans. Each October, we watch a movie night that we dub “The 31 Nights of Horror.”

#HorrorLoversChallenge Best Impalement:

Prompt: Best Impalement

There is a recent study (albeit, I doubt if it is scientific) that shows sharp objects are more terrifying than bullets: A new horror movie survey says that impaling is the most common way for celluloid evildoers to do away with their victims.

For this prompt, I could have chosen just about any movie. It could have been the shower scene in Psycho (1960), the brutalistic Cannibal Holocaust, or even the movie that we watched this year, The Happening (2008). Heck, any Dracula movie includes a good stake-trough-the-heart scene and Vlad WAS known as the IMPALER.

But I have to go with the O.G. of all impalers, Michael Myers (aka The Shape) in the original Halloween (1978). you know the scene. It’s where Bob is in the kitchen to get a snack for himself and Lynda and he gets it from The Shape and Michael looks at him just so to admire his work. Yep, that’s the one. Of course, that same scene has shown up many more times in the Halloween franchise including the latest Halloween Ends (2022).