Iditarod 40: The Trail. Yentna Station to Skwentna

Iditarod 40: The Trail.Yentna Station to Skwentna 30 miles

The mushers run the Yentna all the way to the confluence with the Skwentna River and the town of Skwentna, three miles from the mouth. These slow moving glacial rivers normally provide very good trails. They are all from one fourth to more than a mile wide and freeze thick enough to provide a good trail until late into the winter. Hazards are sometimes plentiful with rough ice to manhandle a sled over and around. Overflow, water running on top of the ice, can be a very real problem in some conditions.

Skwentna (SKWENT-nuh) – (SKW) Lat 61.55 Long 151.11 — Population 30 — Located near the confluence of the Skwentna and Yentna Rivers. The checkpoint is located at Joe and Norma Delia’s log house, also known as the Post Office. There is a store and limited lodging nearby.


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