30 Days About Me. Something I am OCD About

I am participating in a blog challenge this month. It is 30 Days about Me from a Daily Dose of Toni

Today’s topic is something that I am OCD about.

Well I guess today is the day that I pull back all the layers and you see what is under my skin. My deepest, darkest, secrets that few have ever seen and sometimes I am afraid to even mention….

Well, this is not a horror thriller or a look into the psychotic mind. No, it just a few things that I am OCD about. No, I do not count to 10 and then backwards all day long or turn on and off (and on and off…) the bathroom light, nor do I only eat cheesy potatoes for every meal and nothing else.

They are in no particular order:

  1. If I am on a plane or in a movie theater, concert, sporting event, whatever– no matter what I HAVE to sit in the aisle seat. I do this for one reason and one reason only– FIRE! In case of a fire I am boogieing to the next exit as fast as super-humanly possible. I don’t care if the door has one of those alarm things I am getting outta there! Hmmm. Makes you wonder about the plane then? Nope. Got that covered. I have 169 skydive jumps under my belt.
  2. I have to always, no matter what, eat a slice of pizza from the pointy end.
  3. I have to shave my whiskers every other day whether I need it or not. I have tried to tell my sons that the worse thing you can ever start is shaving. Is it something that does not get better with age.
  4. It I get sand on my feet or Oh forbid! in my pants I must run, immediately at a full sprint to the closest shower and wash it off. I love the beach but I hate the sand.
  5. I absolutely freak out if I am sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. It has to be on my right side. If I am forced to sleep on the left someone is going to be cranky in the morning.
  6. Speaking of sleeping… I must have three pillows–the extra soft ones–no lumpy or hard ones allowed.

Seriously folks, these are the things that make me who I am, I guess, but my true obsession at the moment is Foursquare.

I am a Foursquare junkie. I make it a point to check in (almost) everywhere I go and I don’t care if people are stalking me or worry about privacy. If they have something to say, come over and say hi. I am a big boy, I can handle the freaky hide-behind-the-bushes guy.

Check it out. 

Follow my news and updates on Twitter, my whereabouts on Foursquare and  relationship status on Facebook. Or send me a telegram.

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  1. I have to sleep on the left side of my husband, because it feels weird to lay on his arm on the right side. So… I guess that means I have to lay on the right side of the bed- or is that the left? Idk…
    I sleep with 2 pillows always. Big, squishy ones.

    • Makes you wonder if both people need to sleep on the same side of the bed. Who gives in??? That would make for a very cranky morning in my house.

  2. Well ladies, there you have it! I’m laughing so hard it hurts. He totally named them all (well there a few others but I’ll keep those a secret) 🙂
    Great post sweetie! Not sure I can top that.

  3. Ha, I LOVE Foursquare too! I’m hoping my Prince Charming in out there stalking me! Ha, just kidding! I got mad the other day when I was in the market and couldn’t get a signal to check it! It is usually the last thing I do before I get out of the car! I prefer the aisle too and don’t like people sitting behind me… hmmm, maybe I am a little OCD, those things just didn’t occur to me!

  4. Okay these all seem a bit OCD except for the pizza thing. Who eats the pizza crust first? That’s just weird!

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