Road Trippin: Evergreen Lake, Colorado

What is a vacation/road trip/work-cation without a day hanging out with your 14 year old daughter for lunch and a walk around a beautiful lake?

Today, Nicole and I decided to get away from it all for a little bit and head up to the foothills to Evergreen Lake. Evergreen a beautiful little place with a downtown that is perfect for a colorado mountain post card with cool cafes, coffee shoppes, consignment stores and ice cream parlors. It is also home to the infamous Reagan’s would-be assassin John Hinkley, Jr. and more importantly Evergreen Lake.

Nicole and I headed up I-70 in the Jeep with the windows zipped down. It was supposed to be a record breaking scorcher today but it didn’t feel like it with the crosswinds blowing thru the truck. When we made it to our destination we both looked like we survived a wind tunnel with hair-do’s the size of Mount Everest!

We grabbed a burger at the One World Cafe that overlooks Evergreen’s main street and just seconds from the lake. Lunch was wonderful. One of the things I miss most about my crazy dream chasing in Alaska is having days like this to spend with my kids.

After lunch we took the short drive to the lake, got Qyain (our German Shepherd), grabbed the camera and hit the path!

As soon as we arrived Qyain headed for the water and pulled Nicole in! She was wearing Capri-pants, shoes and socks. She will have a blister by the time we are done.


Of course Qyain wanted to chase the wildlife, the ducks, the sticks and everything else. He is the only dog I have ever owned that chases waves and barks his fool head off trying to catch the white caps.

I like this one. It is Nicole and Qyain looking over at the waterfall. I think it captures why days like this are so important.

This is at the bottom of the dam/waterfall at the east side of Evergreen Lake. A favorite fishing hole as a lot of kids were there with their poles.

The lodge at Evergreen Lake. In the winter people can ice skate on the lake and they light it up. It is very beautiful in the winter.

Back at the Jeep. I love my Jeep! It is the funnest vehicle I have ever owned. We are fixing it up little by little. Michele’s dad used to sell cars and we got this jeep practically for a steal! I can’t wait to get it to Alaska.

We headed home down the pass through Kitterge and Morrison. I have always loved that drive through the canyons along the river. The windy mountain road ends right next to Red Rocks Amphitheater and then a quick hop on E-470 and home in 10 minutes.

What a wonderful day!