Red Shirt Lake, Alaska


One of my favorite pictures! Tyler and Bodhi

On Father’s Day my son, Tyler and I took a hike in Nancy Lake State Park to Red Shirt Lake.

What a view

It was a cool late spring day and we decided to take the dogs with us to Red Shirt Lake.

It was the longest walk the our youngest dog, Bodhi had been on. He did surprisingly well trying his best to keep up with Raegan.

We hiked the three  miles to the lake and had our little picnic of sandwiches, chips and sodas that we bought at the Townsite Market. Talk about paying expensive Alaska prices: lunch cost us 28 bucks.

Raegan in the foreground

Raegan and Bodhi played in the lake chasing sticks and rocks. Raegan liked the swimming much more than Bodhi.

We headed back after it started to rain.

It was a great six mile hike and a wonderful way to spend Father’s Day with my son.