Grilling or cellphone? That’s the question…

Think about it. If you had to chose. Just one choice. If your life depended on it. Which would you chose?

Grilling or your cellphone

Its a tough choice for me. I am literally addicted to my iPhone. I use it for everything. running my business, blogging, twit-facing, Youtubbing and at least a hundred texts back and forth a day to my wife and others.

I can remember back to the day before I had a cellphone. I was about 14 and it was 1985. I was such a geeky nerd that I had a phone that I carried around in a shoulder bag. I was on Cellular One back then and I thought that I would never, ever run out of 250 minutes! How is that even possible? 250 minutes, on the phone? In one month? No way!

Needless to say I ran out of minutes in the first month.

Now to grilling.

It is every man’s (and some women, I might add) birth right to own the biggest, baddest grill on the planet. It doesn’t matter if it is charcoal or propane or heck even a George Forman. But a man has gotta grill!

There is noting like the smell of grilling over an open flame. Who doesn’t like that smell? It takes us back to our primordial caveman days of sitting around an open flame and cooking the day’s flesh with our sweetheart by our side, bone in her hair and all.

I don’t care what you are making it can be grilled and chances are it will taste better. Pizza, beer can chicken, a juicy steak, veggies…

Don’t get me started on my smoker!

So if you had to make a choice. What would it be. Think real hard…

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