Forto’s Fort: Thar She Blows!

Homeownership in the Great White North of Alaska has it’s advantages.

And it’s disadvantages…

Picture this: you are just finishing up with your daily morning constitutional and something is just not right. You hear burbling and it sounds like Ole’ Faithful is in your bathroom.

I open the shower door in the downstairs “guest” bathroom–well technically the guest bathroom but I don’t have any of those ‘only to look pretty’ towels– and there is a huge puddle and some miscellaneous gunk in the shower pan.

I yell at my son, Tyler, for not keeping it clean. He’s 16! He swears it wasn’t him. Of course not…

We revert to plan B. We call Tyler’s grandpa (my father-in-law) and he walks us thru Plumbing 101 on an iPhone speakerphone.

You see, my father-in-law, Ed, has taught me almost everything I need to know when it comes to anything with the words ‘handy’ or ‘construction’. The rest I learned from re-runs on the D.I.Y. Network.

He said it could be one of two things: a plug up down the line (Tyler!!!!!) or the septic tank is full.

Well I don’t have one of those snake thingy’s and I don’t think a bottle of Drain-O is going to do it so I texted my friend, Paul, and asked for a number of a septic pumping company here in Willow.

I had my wife call–she’s in Colorado but guys DO NOT call another guy to do a guy’s job.

Two hours later Royal Flush Septic Pumping Co. was on the scene.

I couldn’t help but think of Uncle Eddie in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation while I watched these guys with that huge hose.

$362 bucks later, I’m assuming we’re all good.

If you are looking for someone in the Mat-Su Valley when doody calls give Royal Flush a call at 907-495-6509.

I’m sure they would welcome your business because…

Their job’s the S**t!