You aren’t entitled to jack!

I am all for entitlement. I think if it is your God given right (or you just think it is), you should go after what ever it is you want, need, desire, crave and seize the day.

Ya, right.

I think Price William should b**ch slap his old man and just leap frog right over him as soon as granny passes away and become the next King of England. Wouldn’t he and Kate look great on those thrones?

What I don’t quite understand though is why we across the pond are so infatuated with the Royal Family over in Jolly Ole’ England. Face it folks life is hardly a fairy tale, no matter how much we want it to be. We are forced to deal with Elephants and Asses over here.

If you have enough moxie or media prowess you SHOULD be the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos. Who cares if Kyle Orton is probably the best QB on the market right now. He gives Denver a chance to win and Tebowmania will just have to wait another year. Sorry folks.

Luke Skywalker should have joined his father to take over the Empire. What a team they would have made. Nobody cares about good and evil anymore and face it; would you want to live in never-never land with a gaggle of Jar-Jar Binkses running around?


Most of us would rather wear black, command a group of storm troppers and be the right hand man to an Emperor rather than some old dude with a dusty robe and a little green alien with big ears that sounds like a twisted Kermit the Frog.

But lets digress back to that word: entitlement.

Did you know in the State…err..the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania they will give their down and out and destitute citizens on welfare and public assistance a cell phone?

That’s right. A free cell phone and 250 minutes of air time for absolutely no cost to them what-so-ever.

Who picks up the bill? You and me. Not only do we have to foot the bill for a grip of food stamps that they can use at the local 7-11 to buy Big Gulps and microwave burritos, but also Lucky Charms, Kraft Mac and Cheese and a month’s supply of Kool-Aid.

Hey I am not knocking the poor. I am knocking the guy with four baby momma’s that thinks he is entitled to have a cell phone.

What exactly is the purpose of this program? The ability to find a job? To reach out and ‘touch someone’?

Whatever happened to using a pay phone? According to the guys on Pawn Stars there are still 87,000 of them in the United States.

Go out and get a job and buy your own cell phone. If you can’t afford it–tough.

The unemployment rate in this country is less than 10 percent (average). That means that only one out of every 10 folks is able bodied enough to go out and work for the man. Who cares if its flippin’ burgers or digging ditches.

At least its a job.

I know what some of you are going to say… I got laid off. The factory shut down. The economy kicked me in the face.


I still stand behind my point that the employment rate is less than 10 percent and if you are unemployed and you expect the government to had you a cell phone, just because.

You aren’t entitled to jack!

But don’t tell that to Prince Billy, Tim or Luke. They are living in a the land of make believe.


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