Who’s responsibility is it to change the world?

Today’s Daily Post topic is: Who’s responsibility is it to change the world?

To me that is simple. It is everyone’s responsibility. But what makes me think is do tomorrow’s children even care? I hear so often that we need to recycle, and conserve, and reduce, and reuse, so that we can protect our Unci Maka (Lakota for Grandmother Earth) but if you ask our kids many of them don’t even care.

This saddens me.

I think it has to do with a child’s lack of foresight and understanding of what we do today affects our Earth tomorrow. I don’t think it is from lack of education. There are plenty of public service announcements and commercials but I also think that is diluting the message.

I think the only way to teach our children the importance of changing the world (at least from a wasteful society aspect) we need to do it ourselves.

What do you do to change the world you live in?