Weeks 95-99 of 186 (BMAL 770)

Weeks 95-99 of approximately 186 are in the books in my doctorate program.

March has been a very busy month! Not only did I start a new course, BMAL 770, Business Ethics but also traveled down to Washington for a four day, Wilderness First Responder re-certification in the pouring rain, a daily podcast for the Iditarod, but also had a booth at the local outdoorsman show, met with my team at Peak Experience to jump-start the business but also all of the spring chores that are popping up as the snow melts here in Alaska after a very long winter.

The new course, Ethics, is heavy on writing. We have five lengthy discussions of about 1000 words but we also have to do two replies each week and replies to replies on our own posts. That makes for a lot of research but it is good for understanding and concise writing that is required at the doctoral level.

Next week is our first big paper, it is a case study from one of our texts and the rubric is clear that it is only to be 6 to 8 pages.

Join hosts Robert Forto, TJ Miller, and Michele Forto as they discuss the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team on the Peak Experience podcast

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