Weeks 76 and 77 of 186 (BMAL720)

Week 76 and 77 of approximately 186 are in the books in my doctorate program.

A new week, a new term. I started BMAL720 this week and it looks like it will be a lot of writing. Already this week it is a heavy discussion board post and a 4-6 page on incorporating wisdom into corporate data analysis Should be interesting.

I usually don’t put off writing papers until Sundays but this week was tough. On Saturday night we had a big windstorm at the house and knocked out the power for over 24 hours. I woke up early Sunday morning and headed to Starbucks 45 minutes away to write.

I do my best writing at Starbucks, by the way, and almost every paper of my master’s program was done there. It was tough during the early days of the pandemic when everything was closed.

On this visit, I was the only one sitting in the chairs. I put Godsmack on the Bose and rocked out. Four hours later, my paper was done and I came home to the electricity still being out!

The professor added a bunch of great resources, that I guess I should have started using long ago but, every little bit helps.

The final grade in BMAL727: A

Also, Michele is getting deep into her Master’s program as well and is almost halfway done! Please do me a favor and follow her over on LinkedIn.

Score: 43/50

To read the paper:

Forto, R., 720 Faith Paper 1

Also here is a great source explaining the differences between a research paper and a review paper: