Weeks 69 to 72 of 186 (BMAL727)

Week 69 to 72 of approximately 186 are in the books in my doctorate program.

It has been a couple of weeks since I did an update. It has been a very busy late summer/early fall and I am trying to get everything done before winter.
We are heading into Week 6 of the Leading Effective Teams course and I will have to say, I am really enjoying this one. I have complained a bit up to this point in the program that the courses have been heavy on organizational behavior and, yes, teams are part of any organization, at least in this course I can use my experience in the outdoors to bring together leadership and team concepts.
Last week Michele and I traveled to Louisville, KY to the annual Louder Than Life music festival, and like always, we were in the hotel room banging out papers like a couple of monkeys on typewriters each morning before heading to the show. I had to write a 15-page paper on Integrating Faith and Team Management. It was a struggle because I am not religious at all and an atheist at best so trying to bring together those concepts sometimes eludes me.
Click on the link below to read the paper and tell me what you think!

Also, Michele is starting her journey this week too and she is very excited! Please do me a favor and follow her over on LinkedIn.

Score: 200/200

To read the paper:

Forto, R., 727 Faith and Learning FINAL