Weeks 54-56 of 186 (BMAL716)

Weeks 54 through 56 of approximately 186 is in the books in my doctorate program.

It has been a couple of weeks since the last post. A lot has gone on. First Michele and I went to Las Vegas for some much-needed downtime but then we came back to a very ill dog. Raegan, the sled dog that started it all at Team Ineka passed away on Thursday of last week. I am devastated by her passing. This is the hardest thing about keeping sled dogs.

Back to the course, we are knee-deep into the research methods course and things are progressing nicely. I have completed the first part of my research proposal on the topic of strategic management in family-run firms and it should be an interesting topic to develop.

Also, Michele is starting her journey this week too and she is very excited! Please do me a favor and follow her over on LinkedIn.

Score: 200/200