Weeks 48 and 49 of 186 (BMAL 714)

Week 48 and 49 of approximately 186 is in the books in my doctorate program.

It is week four of BMAL714 and I cannot believe that we are halfway done already. This week we examined people and risk and we had to write a seven-page paper and develop a risk management plan regarding how it relates to the scholarly literature. Of course, I took advantage of what I already know and used my dog training company as a model.

Who said that college work is all theory!

Alas, I found out how to find the two spaces after periods in a word doc that my instructor kept deducting points for. How petty to lose points for something like that.

Also, Michele is starting her journey this week too and she is very excited! Please do me a favor and follow her over on LinkedIn.

To read the paper:

Score: */145