Weeks 170 to 172 (BMAL 888)

Doctorate of Strategic Leadership program Robert Forto

Weeks 170 to 172

To my rabid readers, I have always been upfront and forthright in my posts on this blog. I know it has helped many of you and you have sent me literally hundreds of emails saying that you have found this blog and made life-changing decisions in your academic careers.

Well, this post is no different and is an honest look at where I am at right now and what I am thinking about.

Here is my post for my progress report.

Honestly, I am not on anyone’s timeline for this. The only deadline is seven years from the start date of the DSL program and the amount of money in my pocket. At 52 years old, I will not let this project or school rule my life. It has for the last nine years. Yep. I have been in school every single day of my life for nine–LONG–years. 

Proposed topic

Transgenerational succession with an emphasis on an emerging female leader

Description of your progress during the past week

Things are not going well. I am at a stalemate and honestly contemplating whether I should finish this project. I was excited by the prospect of it all, when this journey started, and now I am just not into it. I have lost a lot of my passion. I have been in school every single day since late August 2014. As a multiple-business owner, there are always things more pressing on my plate than this school project that in reality will provide very little for me in the end in terms of professional potential.

I took a two-week road trip and it allowed for a lot of time to think. Is this project for me? There are so many leadership questions that I would like to explore and I just wonder if this is the right one.

A huge contributing factor was the registration delay. I thought to myself and told my wife that morning standing in a hotel room in Denver, I hope that this is a true error and it will allow me some time off this term without any rush to work through the lit review and just take a break. Honestly, my mind is mush right now and just not in it.

Description of any roadblocks you hit during the week and how you are working through them

Slow Wi-Fi at truck stops and hotels, bad food on the road, and too much time on my hands to try and decide if this project is right for me.

Description of what you plan to accomplish next week

Finally get home on Tuesday night after a long road trip, sit down at my computer and honestly assess what is next.

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