Weeks 152 to 158 of 186 (BMAL 887)

Doctorate of Strategic Leadership program Robert Forto

Weeks 152 to 158

Sorry for the delay in this blog post. It has been a long month and a half and honestly I needed a break. 

Things kind of went downhill since my last post where I mentioned that Michele and I were headed to Belize. 

While it was wonderful, I really got behind because wifi was terrible. 

I had to re-take BMAL887 and I just started it again this summer term. 

The good news is I submitted Task 4 yesterday and I have Task 6 done and waiting for it’s time to submit!

But first…

Michele’s Graduation 


Over Mother’s Day weekend Michele and I travelled to Lynchburg to attend her graduation. It was a great experience. 

The campus is beautiful and her program ceremony on Friday morning was excellent. 

The main ceremony was a bit much for me. felt like attending a mega-church and while okay for what it was, it just felt much different than the other commencements that I have attended. So much so if I go for mine I don’t know if I will attend the main ceremony. 

I am tremendously proud of Michele and now she is starting her own DSL journey and is in BMAL 700 as we speak! 

While in Virginia we got to see the sights including doing the wonderful Skyline Drive, going to Busch Gardens for some coaster fun and even spending the afternoon with my dad!

Shout Out to Charles!

Totally inspired! I was listening in on a zoom call for Michele Forto’s first doctorate class tonight and one of the other students said tell Robert I started this program because of his blog!
You truly never know who’s life you will touch.
I started my blog the day I started my doctorate not only to hold myself accountable but hopefully to help other students who had questions and to inspire them on their journey.
I know a lot of people have read my blog over the last two years and a lot of people have reached out and said thanks but to think, a student that’s brand new to the program, with Michele, no doubt, read it and was inspired too.
It’s a funny thing, the zoom call that Michele was on, I was on my own version of it exactly two years ago today in the same truck, at the same time, with the same professor.
That professor inspired and urged me that day to attempt to do great things and it’s not all about perfection. I took those words to heart and I just hope Michele does as well.
It’s a tough journey but it will be so worth it in the end!
I say that as I’m working on the later stages of the program. It’s funny to feel, see, and hear what others are thinking about at the beginning of their doctorate trials and tribulations.
Good luck in 700, Michele.
You got this.
You truly are one step closer.

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