Weeks 107 and 108 of 186 (BMAL 780)

Weeks 107 and 108 of approximately 186 are in the books in my doctorate program.

We are headed into Week Five of BMAL 780 Strategic Leadership for the 21st Century. Not a bad course overall even though it feels like I am re-writing every paper on leadership I have ever written. I can not believe all of these courses are coming to an end very soon and I will be knee-deep in my project for the next year or more.

Last week had a discussion post, replies, and another research paper. This one included ideas on how to train leaders for the future, of course with the name of the course being as such.

This week we have another annotated bibliography and another round of discussions.

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Score: 99/100

To read the paper:

Forto 780 Ann Bib 1