Week 47 of 186 (BMAL 714)

Week 47 of approximately 186 is in the books in my doctorate program.

I had to adjust my degree completion plan in the number of weeks. I had forecasted wrong at only 130 weeks but when I tabulated the weeks it looks more like 186 weeks to complete the degree because the dissertation/project phase is broken down into 16 week semesters per course instead of the usual eight.

So, about 3.5 years, total rather than what I thought would be about two and a half.

So, it looks like I will be closer to 53 years old when I finish.

I am in the second week of the second spring term and fully engrossed in BMAL714 which is Risk Management. This week we had to write a 16-page risk management plan on a project for a firm or organization. This was not to be a full risk management assessment for the entire firm but something that the company is working on.

As usual, I picked my own business to use as a platform. I developed a risk management plan for the digital offerings of our dog training program called PupPortal. It shed some interesting insight that I will use as I continue to develop the program.

Who said that college work is all theory!

I got my grade back on the first paper. It always amazes me how much different one instructor grades than the others. This one deducted 10 points for a couple of structure errors such as double-spacing after a sentence in just a few instances. It is always stressful waiting for the first grade to drop to see how the instructor will score. At least I know now.

To read the paper:

Score: 190/200

Also, Michele is starting her journey this week too and she is very excited! Please do me a favor and follow her over on LinkedIn.