Week 44 of 130 (BMAL 710)

Week 44 of approximately 130 is in the books in my doctorate program.

This was the big writing week in our term and it did not come at the right time. The first week of March has started off with a real lion. On the second, my 50th birthday we had a very aggressive moose in the dog yard and so much so that Alaska Fish and Game had to come out and kill it. The next day Michele ended up in the hospital with a kidney stone and infection. She ended up having surgery and was released the next day but it was a big scare. All of this meant I put off writing until Friday and I banged out my huge research paper in about three hours.

Also, Michele is starting her journey this week too and she is very excited! Please do me a favor and follow her over on LinkedIn.

Score: 250/250

To read the paper: