Week 3 of 130

Week 3 of approximately 130 is in the books in my doctorate program.

This week in BMAL 700 we dive into negative leadership traits and in particular the book of 1 & 2 Kings in the Bible. The assignment:

There is endless debate about which leadership technique works better/best.  Clearly, the answer is the one that works best given the people, environment, constraints, etc.  However, there is a multitude of bad leadership examples, some of which you have read about in Merida this session. Document one (1) negative leadership trait for each of three (3) kings from Merida Each trait and related king should be unique.  Since scholarly writing is without bias, you need to document your choices through two (2) scholarly sources for each trait/king (six (6) total sources) to explain why a given trait is negative.  Limit your literature search to the last five (5) years and select only sources that are full text.

Score: 75/75

To read the paper:

Negative Leadership and the 3 Kings