Week 159 of 186 (BMAL 887)

Doctorate of Strategic Leadership program Robert Forto

Week 159 of 186

Week 5 is here and I am making substantial progress.

I had a great call will my chair last week. We agreed on many things and clarified a few loose ends. More importantly, I got Tasks 4 and 5 approved and submitted Task 6 just now while sitting on a plane on the way home from the sled dog conference in Ohio. It always helps when you get a first class upgrade and you can stretch out a bit to get some work done.

Task 5, which is the outline for the lit review was a doozy! I think it ended up with about 20 pages and about 50 sources. 

Task 6 is the supporting material and the “all too important” biblical integration section. That was a tough section to write. 

Another quick update on Michele’s progress in BMAL700, she is getting close to the dreaded two week overlap next week. I remember doing that once in the DSL program. Never again!

On a lighter note, it will be good to be home for a while now. I dont have any travel plans until we head to Podcast Movement in Denver in late August so that will give me plenty of time to get a bunch of projects done around the house and hang out with the sled dogs!

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