Week 158 of 186 (BMAL 887)

Doctorate of Strategic Leadership program Robert Forto

Week 159 of 186

We are starting week in 4 of the summer term and it is moving right along. I received an email this week that informed us that all Tasks have to be in by 7/29 since it is a shorter term. 

I received feedback from my Task 4 and it required me to make several changes. I ended up spending more than five hours at my desk but I turned it back in on Thursday. Now I wait, again. 

I did reach out to my chair and asked her if we could jump on a quick call to discuss progress and she agreed to Monday. 

Also this week I seemed to have struck a hair with a lady in the DSL Facebook Group about her filing grievances against professors in the program. I questioned her as to why and she is one of those that has to have the last word so I let it go for a bit before I backed out. 

It was an interesting dialogue if you care to go to the group and find it. 

A quick update on Michele’s progress in BMAL700, she is plugging away and it reminds me of just how much work is required in that first course. She has to do discussion boards, replies, a paper and a quiz. I am not sure why quizzes are required at the doctorate level…

This week I travel to Northeastern Ohio to be the emcee of a sled dog conference. It should be a fun time. They are even having a ghost tour of the old lodge! 

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