Week 131 of 186 (BMAL 785)

Doctorate of Strategic Leadership program Robert Forto

Week 131

There is a lot to unpack here as I move quickly through BMAL 785.

Here is my progress report for week 4: 

Proposed topic

There proposed topic is transgenerational succession in family business with a focus on leadership readiness. 

Description of your progress during the past week.

I made substantial progress this week. I received approval for tasks two, three and four. That is exciting as I can now see my work coming together. I am so thankful that my wife, Michele, who is been along with me through this whole journey since I returned to school for a second bachelors in 2014, and she is my editor and “idea bouncer.” I do not know what I would do without her. You know how hard it is to catch the little mistakes when you read your own writing. She catches mostly everything. She has read every single word of every paper that I have written in the last eight years and I bet she is ready for me to be done!

Description of any roadblocks you hit during the week and how you are working through them.

No real roadblocks this week. Winter is here in Alaska and that means we will start running our sled dogs more and more. We have about eight inches of snow on the ground and looking forward to our annual run with the dog teams as a family on Thanksgiving morning after we get the turkey in the oven. 

Description of what you plan to accomplish next week.

I will be working on Task 5 and hope to have suggestions for any reviews later in the week so I can make those and re-submit. Even though we are starting week 5, the end of the term is quickly approaching. 

I sincerely hope all of you have a wonderful holiday with your family and please take the time to enjoy it. 

I also joined the doctoral business community resource through our program and found the outline for the next stages of the course which I am including here for those who might be interested. 

DSL DRP Process

The Doctoral Research Project is broken up into tasks in order to help you move through the process efficiently. The narrative below provides guidance on each task regarding what must be included and how to submit the document for review. Please review each task carefully before submitting it to avoid needless submit/review/revision cycles. Your progress through the four DRP courses is determined by the completion of milestone tasks. Keep in mind that it is common for doctoral candidates to require more than one semester to complete a section of the research project. This is not a reflection on you or your abilities, rather it reflects the challenge posed by doctoral level research. 

In order to receive a passing grade and advance to the next course:

  • BMAL 887 – Through Task 7: Section 1, Foundation of the Study
  • BMAL 888 – Through Task 12: The Research Proposal
  • BMAL 889 – Through Task 16: Doctoral Research Project & Updates
  • BMAL 890 – Through Task 17: Final Doctoral Research Project – Admin Review

Tasks in the Doctoral Research Project reviewed by your Research Chair:

  • Task 1: Bullet Point Outline & CITI Certificate
  • Task 2: The Problem
  • Task 3: The Nature of the Study
  • Task 4: The Research Framework
  • Task 5: Review of the Professional and Academic Literature
  • Task 6: Supporting Material
  • Task 7: Section 1, Foundation of the Study
  • Task 7: Section 1, Foundation of the Study w/Literature Review
  • Task 8:  The Research
  • Task 9: Participants, Population, and Sampling
  • Task 10: Data Collection and Analysis
  • Task 11: Section 2, The Project
  • Task 12: The Research Proposal
  • Task 12: The Research Proposal w/IRB Approval & Permissions
  • Task 13: Presentation of the Findings
  • Task 14: Supporting Material
  • Task 15: Section 3, Application to Professional Practice
  • Task 16: Applied Doctoral Research Project & Updates
  • Task 17: Final Applied Doctoral Research Project

In addition to the reviews provided by your Research Chair, six tasks require administrative approval before proceeding. Your chair will be responsible for informing administration that the task is ready for review. You will continue to revise each task and resubmit it for review along with a Change Matrix until the DSL Administrative team approves the submission. 

  • BMAL 887 – Task 1: Bullet Point Outline – Admin Review
  • BMAL 888 – Task 7: Section 1, Foundation of the Study w/Literature Review – Admin Review
  • BMAL 888 – Task 11: Section 2, The Project – Admin Review
  • BMAL 889 – Task 12: The Research Proposal w/IRB Approval & Permissions – Admin Review
  • BMAL 889 – Task 13: Presentation of the Findings – Admin Review
  • BMAL 890 – Task 17: Final Doctoral Research Project – Admin Review

Admin Reviews will be completed within six business days of notification by the Research Chair. Business days are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Eastern, not including holidays.

As you can see, the structure of these courses provides a pathway for the successful development of the Doctoral Research Project while providing an effective review and approval process. 

Week 131 of my #doctorate program is in the books! #midlifeincollege

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