Week 130 of 186 (BMAL 785)

Doctorate of Strategic Leadership program Robert Forto

Week 130

Proposed topic.

My topic is transgenerational succession in the family business, focusing on leadership readiness. 

Description of your progress during the past week.

I finally got Task 1 approved after a very productive call with our professor. She was kind enough to give me several pointers that changed my view on how I was approaching the project. I have also submitted Task 2 for review for a second time with just a few edits suggested. I am already researching theoretical and conceptual frameworks for Task 3. 

Description of any roadblocks you hit during the week and how you are working through them.

I did not encounter any real roadblocks this week other than time management on my part. Being self-employed and the start of winter in Alaska always has its challenges, but I have learned to manage. 

Description of what you plan to accomplish next week.

As mentioned herein, I hope that Task 2 is approved and I can start to work on Task 3 and possibly 4. We have just four more weeks in the course, so it will be a time crunch as we move forward. I know I am not too worried about the time it takes to finish this project. I do not have hard deadlines for graduating or finishing, as many others are very anxious to do so. 

Week 130 of 186 of my #doctorate program is in the books!

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Score: 12/24 (Pass or Fail Course)