Week 109 of 186 (BMAL 780)

Week 109 of approximately 186 is in the books in my doctorate program.

We are just finished Week 5 BMAL 780 Strategic Leadership for the 21st Century. This week we did our third annotated bibliography and they seem to be getting easier even though it feels like I am writing the same things over and over again from papers that I have written earlier in the program. It is a challenge because self-plagiarism is real and the university is very strict about it. It can be seen on my TurnItIn scores where all of the ‘dings’ are from my own papers.

We also had a discussion post and I responded to the fellow student with a reference to the Obi-Wan show on Disney+ and how Darth Vader is an example of negative leadership.

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Score: 97/100

To read the paper:

Forto 780 Ann Bib 3