Universal Monsters: Here’s Where to Stream All the Classics


As a huge scary movie fan and classic monster buff I wanted to see where I can stream all of the classics and I found out that Now that one of the most popular horror franchises in the history of cinema has its time to shine. The Universal Monsters have been a staple of pop culture for the better part of a century and for the most part, they’re all available to streaming through various streaming services.

Since NBCUniversal has its own streaming service, most of the films can be found on PeacockPremium. And of special note: If you are a college student you can get a student discount on the Peacock Premium subscription for just $1.99 a month. You just have to upload a document from your university and they will give you a code. 

As of this writing, a few dozen monster movies—including most foundational building blocks of the franchise—can be found on the service, including Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, The Bride of Frankenstein, and The Wolf Man. The full list of Universal Monsters movies available to stream on Peacock can be found below:

  • Bride of Frankenstein, 1935
  • Brides of Dracula, 1960
  • The Creature Walks Among Us, 1956
  • Curse of the Werewolf, 1961
  • Dr. Cyclops, 1940
  • Dracula, 1931
  • Dracula’s Daughter, 1936
  • The Evil of Frankenstein, 1964
  • Frankenstein, 1931
  • Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, 1943
  • The Invisible Man, 1933
  • The Invisible Man Returns, 1940
  • The Invisible Woman, 1940
  • The Invisible Man’s Revenge, 1944
  • It Came From Outer Space, 1953
  • The Mummy, 1932
  • The Mummy’s Curse, 1944
  • The Mummy’s Ghost, 1944
  • The Mummy’s Hand, 1940
  • The Mummy’s Tomb, 1942
  • Night Monster, 1942
  • Phantom of the Opera, 1943
  • Phantom of the Opera, 1962
  • The Raven, 1935
  • Son of Dracula, 1943
  • Son of Frankenstein, 1939
  • Spider Woman Strikes Back, 1946
  • The Strange Case of Doctor RX, 1942
  • Werewolf of London, 1935

Where is the Creature from the Black Lagoon streaming?

Interestingly enough, the Creature is the only Universal monster without its main movie on Peacock. Because of licensing issues or arrangements, Creature from the Black Lagoon is streaming on Tubi. The Creature can, however, be seen on Peacock in The Creature Walks Among Us.

Are the Abbott and Costello Meet the Universal Monsters movies streaming?

Unfortunately for those looking for a comedic take on classic horror, the three Abott and Costello and Universal Monster movie crossovers are not available on any streaming service. The three movies—Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man, and Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy—are instead available to rent through other digital providers.