True Leadership

True Leadership

Leadership is a buzzword in business. It is what we strive for in our communities and what we teach our children.

Some leaders and politicians use devices that make them appear to be comfortable around all types of people. These leaders use methods to change their appearance and attitudes to fit the situation, placing on the seeming interest they have in a particular culture or the problems facing the group they are addressing, Non-Native cultures call this ability the “common touch.”

Native American Ancestors tested their leaders insisting that their leaders saw themselves as part of the circle instead of being above the people. These leaders served the people through their generosity of spirit and their ability to listen and make wise decisions. These leaders served through the understanding that no person was common–all were extraordinary. Each individual was important and all leaders knew they could not lead through example unless they humbly loved the humanity represented in every human being.

If you have placed yourself above others instead of being an equal part of the circle of life maybe you should readjust your perspective. Leading through example is a road that only the humble can actually master.

Citation: Earth Medicine by Jamie Sams

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