Trails to end of the Earth


Our cabin, Fortos’ Fort, backs up to a magnificent series of trails that is any mushers, snow machiners, hunters, et. al’s dream.

I think you could jump on these trails and they would take you to the end of the earth quite literally.

I am standing in the middle of this vast expanse that is a marshy tundra. It’s like nothing I have ever seen Outside (the Lower 48).

The looks can be deceiving. You can die out here. It’s like quicksand. Alaska can be a very unforgiving place.

In fact just a year or so ago a utility company worker was mowing near the powerline (just a few clicks northeast of here) and he got his large tractor-mower stuck and died.

Contrary to what many people think, there are no polar bears here (not for at least 500-600 miles) there are plenty of moose, maybe a black bear or two and mosquitos the size of B-1 Bombers!

I truly do live in the most magnificent place on earth!