Too Cold for Al’s in Alaska

Its been a cold winter in Alaska. I may still be a cheechako because to me -30 out in the dog yard is might cold on the ole’ fingers. In Anchorage they are saying that it has been the coldest January on record. So cold that they are not letting the kids out to play at school recess.

That’s right folks, I have said it before and I will say it again–we do things different in Alaska. We raise our kids to be a wee bit heartier than you folks do down in the Lower 48. We let them outside to play, at school no doubt, for recess when it is well below zero. They may all be dressed like “Randy” from the movie A Christmas Story, but at least they are outside.

But it was even colder Saturday at Jim’s River, Alaska where an amateur weather station measured a temperature of -79 F, one degree above the all-time U.S. low temperature record of -80.

Wait. There is more to this story. As soon as the station hit -79 degrees it stopped transmitting. Meaning it is entirely possible it went below that. Al Gore’s (well not Al, personally) band of Global Warming nut jobs wondered if the data outage was some sort of government conspiracy, especially after the NOAA’s National Weather Service said that the data was inadmissible anyway because it was “amateur.”

Read more about this supposed conspiracy on the Watt’s Up Blog.

I guess if the National Weather Service really wanted to do their job they could have sent someone out there to Jim’s with one of those fancy-dancy old school thermometers and taken a reading themselves. Heck, maybe they could have even sent Al Roper.

What am I saying. It was too dang cold. Even for Alaska. But at least for now -80 F will stand and probably will for a while because today most of us are just too lazy, sitting around in our Snuggies watching American Idol on the tube while history is being made right in front of our eyes.

Isn’t that an inconvenient truth? 

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