To my mom…

On this day 40 years ago as the doctor handed you a nine pound baby boy, I can not help but wonder what you were thinking…

All the hope. All the promises. All the joy that filled your heart.

As you watched this little boy play football as a little guy and break dance in the kitchen to Michael Jackson…

The family vacations and the days at the beach. The trips to the DMV to start the passage.

As this boy became a man.

We have not stayed as close as we should have. We have had our trials. Our tribulations. Our successes and our worries.

Our families and our separate ways.

Life gets in the way sometimes. If you don’t stop and reflect once in a while it will pass you by.

On this day, March 2, it is your day as it is mine.

To some it is just a number to us it is what makes us who we are.

Happy Birthday to you too mom, and thank you.

I love you,

Your son