Tieme se mmhalla, Michele

The little moments you share with your life partner and your best friend are what makes a marriage.

This past weekend my wife, Michele, was up to our home in Alaska for a job interview for a legal assistant position in Anchorage. If she gets the position we are one step closer to having the whole family up here permanently.

Michele flew up Sunday night and we spent the day in Talkeetna on Monday with our son, Tyler.

On Tuesday Michele and I ran the dog teams and I taught her how to drive the ATV before we worked on the roof job at Forto’s Fort.

On Wednesday Michele and I headed to Anchorage for her interview and then had a little date night at the Haute Quarter Grill in Eagle River.

The simple things like watching episodes of True Blood together, ice cream and goofy stories is what I liked most.

On Thursday we hung around the house and worked on the yard before heading to the airport for a very bittersweet good bye. I don’t know when I will see Michele again and I think that is what made it so hard.

Michele boarded a red eye back to Denver near midnight and has a full day of dog training classes to teach on Friday. I am sure she will be tired!

While the trip was way too fast and I miss her already I know we are doing what is right. We have a plan and we are doing our best to keep on course. I know everything will work out, but it just isn’t soon enough.

I miss you, sweetie. Until we are together again…

Tieme se Mmhalla