The KGB, troopers and breaking the law

Picture this:

Last night I am heading down KGB Road on my way home. No, it is not named after the Russian spy organization but it DOES drive past Redingtonville. If you know anything about mushing you know who Joe Redington is. Well, his namesake-homestead is still a very active kennel on the Knik Goose Bay Road.

As I was driving down the road a trooper with his lights on was flying down the road the other way. Everyone on my side of the road pulled over–as a courtesy, or maybe its the law.

I was responding to a Facebook post about a picture I posted of the town that Sarah Palin built. If I was typing on my iPhone I probably would not have noticed the SUV in front of me and the trooper would have another problem on his hands.

Thankfully, I was using a speech to text app called Vlingo.

I love Vlingo. I was an early adopter, sometime over a year and a half ago.

This app rocks! It allows you to do just about everything. Here are some examples:

“Text Michele: what are you up to?”

“How many teaspoons in a tablespoon?”

“Update Facebook: Running down a dream, sorry you’re not.”

“Call Mom”

“Pizza restaurants in Denver”

Through nerd magic the app will do exactly these tasks without ever having to type on the keyboard.

Yes, it took a little while for the app to recognize my speech but after using it for some time it is nearly flawless.

Just last week the fine folks of the Alaska legislature said no to a bill that would make it against the law for us to use cell phones (without a headset or bluetooth) while driving. Yep, they do things different in Alaska. It is still okay to drive down the Parks Highway and text your mom and 55 miles per hour.

[Download Vlingo app now!]

That’s the way it should be. Who are they to tell us that we can’t text and drive but they allow guys to ride motorcycles without helmets? Which is more dangerous?

I’m just sayin’… 

Thankfully, I use Vlingo and you should too. Give it a try. Your car insurance people will be thankful you do.

What is your favorite app?

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Robert Forto is a musher training for his first Iditarod under the Team Ineka banner and the host of the popular radio shows, Mush! You Huskies and Dog Works Radio Shows