The Future Home of Iditarod Dreams: Standin’ on Top of the World


Standing on Top of the World means different things to different people. It could mean that you are at the top of your game in business, life or sports. It could mean that you are in the proverbial “Zone” that is so talked about–think Michael Jordan with his tongue out as he does one of those shots from dang near center court that gave him his name–”Air Jordan”. Standing on top of the world could figuratively mean you ARE at the top of the world. In fact, here in Alaska, as you cross the border into the state from Canada the road is called, aptly, Top of the World Highway. As you can see from the picture to the left it does appear that we are at the top of the world in what is fast becoming my favorite state–I have been to all except Hawaii.

When my daughter and I came up to look at the house she was amazed by the low hanging clouds and how the mountains peeked thru. In the eyes of a 13 year old I am sure it looked pretty cool–kinda fairy-tail-ish. Heck, it looks that way to me and I am 39 years old!

What the saying: standing on top of the world means to me brings me to the lyrics of a famous rock song by Van Halen (some will call them Van Hagar during this period but in my opinion some of their greatest work was with Sammy) with the saying as the title: Standin’ on Top of the World. It goes a little something like this:

I know you believe in me

That’s all I need. Uh-huh

No, no, nothin’s gonna stop it

Nothin’ will discourage me


Standin’ on Top of the World

For a little While

Standin’ on Top of the World

Gonna give it all we got

Song lyrics mean a lot of different things to people and each of us interpret them in our own way. We, as mortal humans, love music. I mean when was the last time you drove in the car without the radio on, sitting in silence, humming to yourself or worse talking to yourself like some bafoon?

This Van Halen tune optimizes what I am going thru right now. As I wrote about My Michele yesterday and her changing of my life, she is also my biggest fan. She has put up with my craziness and wild hairs forever. She has been steadfast in her commitment  and never allowed me to get discouraged. She has helped me chase my dreams and often put aside hers in the process.

It takes a remarkable partner to sacrifice all that she has and I am eternally grateful. The first thing I will be looking for as I cross under the burled arch in Nome and complete the Iditarod will be my biggest fan’s embrace and we will both be standing on the top of the world!

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