The Future Home of Iditarod Dreams: Raegan to the Vet

The Future Home of Iditarod Dreams: Raegan to the Vet

Yesterday was a day all about dogs. It was Raegan’s first visit to the vet and I visited a hot dog stand that is for sale here in town. I know, I know, it is a stretch for me to be looking at a hot dog shack but not really. I have had a business concept in mind for a while called Two Guys and a Grill. The Two Guys concept was going to be a hockey themed bistro in Denver and we would serve a very basic menu of brats, burgers, garlic fries and drinks. That has changed a little bit with the finding of this hot dog stand.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, there are these little coffee shack things everywhere up here. Almost every parking lot has one. They have cool catchy little names like Aroma Borealis and the Howling Dog and Jungle Juice an things like that, but few sell food.

You maybe asking what about dog training. I plan to offer that in the coming future but I need someplace now where I can earn a buck and pay the house payment. Every guy has to have a job right? If I purchase this place I will hire a couple college-age kids to run it with me and that will afford me the time necessary to continue to work on the house and begin to build my team and run them as well.

That afternoon our new pup, Raegan had her first appointment at the veterinarian. As you can see bythe picture, she is patiently waiting for her turn. I have been told that the vet that I am seeing is one of the best in the state and they “know” sled dogs. Raegan was a trooper and got microchipped and a Rabies vaccine. I asked about heart worm and the tech said they are not a problem up here.

I headed over the the Alaska State Fair to check it out before the rain started coming down and I will say the fair lived up to all the hype that I have been reading about in the papers and hearing people talk. It was great! They had their share of livestock exhibits and petting zoo’s and tractors for sale but they also had a hilarious lumberjack show and of course FAIR FOOD! That is the reason for anyone coming right? There was funnel cakes and hot dogs and zoom-zooms and wham-whams, smoked salmon chowder and salmon quesadillas, just to name a few. I had an awesome cheesesteak sandwich with the “works” and some garlic potato chips.

It started to pour and I headed for the truck. Raegan was sound asleep in the back seat. I had left here a Kong stuffed with treats and she managed to get them all out. I made it back home in an hour after dealing with the fair traffic.

When I got home I had a message on Facebook from my neighbor asking if I had tried the chocolate covered bacon at the fair. Now I have heard of many things but chocolate covered bacon? No way.

The fair runs through Labor Day and it might be worth the ten bucks to go back and try that delicacy. What do you think?

Tomorrow: New Dogs??

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