The Future Home of Iditarod Dreams: Jambi

The Future Home of Iditarod Dreams: Jambi

The other day I wrote about the magnificent view from our living room window of the tallest peak in North America. The article was titled Den’ina. But this afternoon I was thinking one of my favorite songs by the Progressive-Industrial band, TOOL. It is called Jambi. One of the lines in the song is:

Here from the king’s mountain view

Here from the wild dreams come true

I couldn’t help but think that lyric rings so true to our mission at our Alaska home and what we are trying to get accomplished.

If you have read any of my articles to date you know by now that I always include some parallel with music, film or other pop culture in my posts. Many people have different interpretations from various art forms and that is what makes them so special right? Just think about it, when was the last time you were driving down the road and heard a song (maybe from an 80’s Hair Band) and you said to yourself, “wow, that describes (the situation) to a ‘T’.”

Yesterday I spent most of the day down in Wasilla. I had to meet with my insurance agent. I will say that the ladies at Country Financial really came through for me when we needed them to. We closed on this house by mail, email and Fed-Ex literally within five days of the seller’s accepting the offer. We thought it was going to be a painless process. Boy, was I wrong! As soon as the documents went to the title company they started requesting this and that and more money here and more money there. Did you pay the taxes yet? Have you sent back the fax? Have you wired the funds for closing by 9 am Alaska time so the documents can be recorded by 3 pm?

The biggest problem we were running into was that we had to have homeowner’s insurance before the deed could be recorded. No problem right? WRONG. Hardly any of the “big” insurance companies like State Farm, Progressive, All-State are able to write home-owner policies in Alaska if you still live in the Lower-48. Not to mention a dog kennel with a wood-stove that many said would require an inspection by the fire department before they would issue a policy.

In a frantic moment I called my realtor, Dave and told him our predicament and he suggested that I call Country. Michele got on the phone and spoke with Beth for about 45 minutes. They happily wrote a policy for us and called the title company and let them know we had coverage. The insurance agent said don’t worry about paying yet just come and see me when you get up to Alaska. That is what I finally did yesterday and I can not give that company a better recommendation. They came through in a pinch and I am glad to be a client. That other company whose slogan is: On your side…. They wouldn’t even touch this house!

Upon my return I filled up half of the dumpster again. This is our fifth load so far and many more to go. There is half of boat on the property was filled with old clothes an other household items including a pair of what appeared to be new cowboy boots. I guess those boots weren’t made for walkin’.

I got all of that in the dumpster and it was going on eight o’clock. I sat down for another bowl of the now famous Beef and Beer Stew that I made on Sunday and watched the Clint Eastwood movie, Unforgiven and couldn’t help but see the resemblance of his ‘rustic’ homestead and mine. At least I am painting the walls a cool shade of green that Michele loves. I think it looks like pea soup.

Until next time America… Who said that? Maury Povich I think.

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