The Future Home of Iditarod Dreams: Dont Fear the Repo Man

The Future Home of Iditarod Dreams: Dont Fear the Repo Man

Well I guess the people that rented the place before I bought it were not only bad housekeepers but bad bookkeepers as well. Last night at about 9:30 pm a tow truck driver pulled into the driveway and had his flashlight on (in the daylight) and walked up to the front door. I met him there and he said, “are you, (name withheld to protect the privacy of those that may be innocent)?”

I said no, my name is Robert can I help you? He said he was here to recover a vehicle. It reminded me of the lyric from the famous Blue Oyster Cult song: Don’t Fear the ReaperHere but now they’re gone. The tow truck driver asked if he could look down in the kennel for a Harley and I led him down the hill.

Of course there was no Harley, I wish there were but my wife is adamant about me not having one, and the guy started pressing me for answers. I said: look guy, I bought the place, I have only been here about eight days and I don’t know this guy. Then he whipped out his wallet and said, “Here’s my card, give me a call if you remember anything.”

Sure, I said and tucked into my pocket and showed him back to his tow truck.

Other than the visitor the day was pretty un-eventful. I did have that cheeseburger that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog at a great place about five miles from the house called the Goldminer’s Lodge. It is actually the closest restaurant to home and they serve a dang good cheeseburger– although I am still a bit shocked at the prices of things up here: $15.80 with a couple buck tip for the burger and a 20-ounce bottle of soda.

I planned to take the day off today and go for a hike. I didn’t make it on the hike because I had to edit an episode of the Mush! You Huskies radio show that airs on Sunday morning at 9:30 am Mountain Time (11:30 in the East and 7:30 in Alaska). The episode was an interview that I conducted earlier this week on Skype with sled dog historian and the author of the book: The Training and Racing Journals of of Roland and Louise Lombard. “Doc” Lombard is probably one of the greatest mushers to ever run a dog team in my opinion and it was great to talk to Nancy about the history of this great dog driver.

Maybe I’ll make that hike today. If the rain holds off. I overheard a lady at the restaurant say that it has rained for 65 straight days in Willow. I think that is some sort of record.

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Dr. Robert Forto is a musher training for his first Iditarod under the Team Ineka banner and the host of the popular radio shows, Mush! You Huskies and The Dog Doctor Radio Show